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We appreciate reviews! Here are recent reviews for Sage Dental Care. If you have visited one of our offices, please take a moment to provide feedback on Yelp or Rate-a-biz.

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“I wanted to write you to let you know how wonderful your Boulder office is. I am a case manager for adults with developmental disabilities. There has been a new rule change where all my clients must go to medicaid dentists. This has been an issue since unfortunately some medicaid dentists don’t have the best care or reputation with my clients. I had one of my clients recommend Sage Dental to me because she had a great experience. I have since sent a couple other clients to you to try out. They have given me rave reviews of your great dental services. Your staff treats my clients well. I will be happy to continue to direct clients your way when in need.”

– Meg Pickens  SLS Case Manager, Imagine!

“The best dental experience of my life. I had my smile completely redone and it has made a huge difference in how I look.”

– Chris Strickland

“Nice office, friendly staff and great doctors – it could not be better. I was in pain and needed care – Dr. Batliner got me in quickly and fixed the problem.”

– Joe Matney

“I needed a root canal and Dr. Batliner took care of it over the weekend. He got me out of pain and feeling better with just one visit.”

– Rick Sinner

“My teeth did not look as white as I wanted and I had a spot on one of the front teeth. After one visit that included whitening and a filling, I am looking and feeling great.”

– Kim Lind

“It had been a long time since I had thought about my dental health. I went to see Dr. Batliner and he provided painless treatment that completely remade my smile. He is a caring dentist that is concerned with his patients and the underserved people of Colorado. He works hard to improve the lives of poor people in our state and on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.”

– Betty Gress