Senior Discount

We Offer Two Special Savings Opportunities for Adults 65 or Older

At Sage Dental, we realize that aging adults have special dental needs. We know how important it is for people in this age group to get regular dental check ups. We understand that many of these patients do not have dental insurance nor is dental treatment covered by Medicare. So we offer  a Free Initial Oral Exam and a Discount Dental Plan for Seniors.

No Charge Initial Oral Exam

At your examination, we will screen for many of the issues common in older adults:Senior Discount

  • Loose or Missing Teeth: We will discuss all of your options from the restoration of the remaining tooth, to bridges, dentures or implants.
  • Receeding Gums or Periodontal (Gum) Disease: This a significant cause of tooth loss in adults. However, it is very preventable and even reversible if caught early.  It’s important to have it diagnosed because it can proceed painlessly and go undetected.
  • Oral Cancer: Unfortunately, just like other cancers, oral cancer increases in frequency in older adults. Early detection is important.
  • Dry Mouth: Many medications can decrease saliva flow. This can result in a chronic dry mouth condition which can lead to dental decay, denture sores, and other difficulties

Throughout the exam, you will be able to get all of your questions answered and discuss your treatment options in detail.

Our dentists take their time with their patients and especially want to devote their time to addresses the specialized needs of older adults.

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In Addition to the Free Exam, We Offer Senior Pricing on our Soaring Smiles Discount Program

As a Senior, for $60 a year, you can participate in our reduced-fee dental discount program called Soaring Smiles.

Patients that join this program enjoy savings of hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars aDental Health Savings Club year.

  • No Maximum
  • No Deductible
  • No preexisting Conditions Exclusions
  • Cosmetic Services Included
  • 12 Month Agreement Required

For more information, read up on the Soaring Smiles Discount Program here.